Lube Technician

The duties of a lube technician are similar to those of an automotive technician, only somewhat less extensive. The job will focus around fluid checks and basic maintenance. Typically, a lube tech will change a vehicle's oil, check the transmission fluid and other fluid levels, inspect various belts and filters, and check air levels and gauges. Training will be provided, but candidates should at least have a basic understanding of car maintenance.

Beyond technical responsibilities, there is also an administrative component of the job. Lube technicians must write up service reports and receipts for work done. A computer or cash register may be used to complete these tasks, so basic computer skills are a plus. Customer interaction is also part of the job. Lube technicians should be able to communicate well and explain technical components in basic English.

                For the most part, lube technicians will need to be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or the equivalent. Candidates will need to possess a broad range of automotive knowledge, but do not necessarily need any prior experience. A work history featuring experience in the automotive industry would be a definite advantage in the job market, though. No special training or certification is necessary, but will be required to advance to higher positions as an automotive technician. On the job training will provide workers with the skills and know how to continue their career in other branches of the auto industry. Lube technicians should be friendly and may need to have a basic understanding of how to use computers and other electronic devices.

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