2018 Ford F-150: Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year

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The Ford Motor Company is known for dominating the automotive industry with its innovative truck models that impress loyal customers each year. Their popular F-150 model continues to excite both truck enthusiasts and those new to the brand. The Ford F-150 returns with all new advancements that have earned it the coveted title of “Motor Trend Truck of the Year.” With advanced technology, new interior and exterior features, and an increase in power, the 2018 Ford F-150 is sure to satisfy any type of Ford customer this year. 

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2019 F-150 Limited: The Most Powerful Light-Duty Pickup in America

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The new 2019 F-150 Limited gives drivers more power than any light-duty pickup on the road due to its addition of a high-output 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. This new vehicle gives Ford pickup customers raptor power while also having a deluxe package. 


“F-150 Limited customers create their own success. The truck is their reward,” said Todd Eckert, Ford truck group marketing manager. “They wanted more power, so we combined Raptor’s engine with Limited’s business-class features to deliver Baja fierceness, boardroom style and the grit to tackle tough jobs.”






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The Fun and Fierce 2018 Ford Focus

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The sporty 2018 Ford Focus comes in two different body styles-Sedan and Hatchback. Each model is sleek and designed to attract attention. Customers have the choice of choosing a color from an extensive palette ranging from Blue Metallic, Magnetic, Lightning Blue, Oxford White, and Shadow Black.

The Ford Focus is equipped with a four-cylinder engine in a segment full of turbos, making for a pleasant and smooth ride. A manual transmission is also made…

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Ford Tech Getting Rid of Traffic Jams

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Ford and Vanderbilt University researchers are currently demonstrating that traffic jams could possibly be minimized with a widespread use of the Adaptive Cruise Control System that is now available today in most of Ford’s vehicles. The team has conducted research which is believed to be the largest, most realistic demonstration showing that current technology has the capability to minimize phantom traffic jams—known to happen for seemingly no reason and causing large, and hazardous, traffic jams.


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Ford Introduces Two New Fuel Efficient Taxis

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The taxi is going Hybrid thanks to Ford introducing the brand new 2019 Transit Connect, and the very first ever Fusion Hybrid Taxi. Taxis are one of the most used vehicles around the country, from airport runs to just off the sidewalk, society relies on them for the basics: traveling from point A to point B without hassle. With recent gas prices going up, Ford thought it was time to do something about the huge amount of money being put…
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The 2018 Ford Escape: More User-Friendly Than Ever Before

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The Ford Motor Company has become synonymous with quality through the success of each of its unique vehicles. The 2018 Ford Escape adds to this success with new improvements in design, technology, and efficiency. Drivers can expect the same dependability that has become crucial for car brands this year with the all new Escape.




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