2018 O’Daniel Ford Salesmen of the Year: Ron Coen and Phoenix Nichols

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The O’Daniel Ford dealership has recognized Ron Coen and Phoenix Nichols for the 2018 Salesmen of the Year award due to their hard work efforts and outstanding customer service. Ron focuses on the customer’s individual wants and needs, and carefully listens to them allowing them to purchase vehicles their way. Phoenix focuses on having a caring attitude towards customer needs, hard-work, and dedication to the dealership. 

Ron portrays effective time management in the workplace by opening all the tabs he has on his desktop that he needs for the day so he can then begin the day prepared to do his business, review his tasks, and plan his work accordingly. He also believes in ensuring that the customers receive the info that they need in order to make a vehicle decision.

Although Ron is originally from Marion, IN he has lived in Fort Wayne for the past thirty years. He began working for the O’Daniel Automotive Group in 2017 — making his SOY award all the more impressive in its fast achievement. We caught up with him to learn the secrets to his success.


Q: What did you do differently this past year/what did you do that same that helped you to win salesman of the year? 

A: “Advancements in tech have come so far, it really has been helpful for engaging customers quickly and efficiently.”


Q: What vehicle do you sell the most of? How do you feel about that vehicle?

A: “The F-150. It’s undeniably the best built truck in America.”


Q: In your opinion, what is the best time of year to buy a vehicle? Why? 

A: “At various times throughout the year, there are special incentives from the vehicle manufacturers—this is the best time to buy, but as they can occur at any time of the year, people need to be ready to take advantage of them.”


Q: Are there any “secret” tricks, tips, or extra incentives in the car buying process that most people don’t realize or take advantage of?

A: “For sure. The biggest ’secret’ is that your salesperson is actually on your side. Trust that they will find the best vehicle and deal available.”


Q: What is your goal for next year? 

A: “This year, I am committed to finding the absolute best vehicles, along with fantastic deals, for each and every one of my customers.”

 Phoenix believes in establishing relationships with his customers and create a business of repeat and referrals rather than just have one-time buyers. His personable qualities such as being patient and excited to help customers reflect on his sales. 

When we caught up with him, he revealed his secret: “Some customers need to be focused on more than others and not pushed around. Treating every customer as a buyer and being sure to deliver the full experience of doing business with me. Pushing to change the stereotypical 'car salesman' reputation.”

His sales approach to customers is that he: puts in maximum effort every day while never letting the slumps hinder him. Phoenix also never overthinks the process, and assists the customers in a timely manner.


Check out the rest of our Q&A with the O’Daniel Ford Salesman of the Year:

Q: What is the most common question you are asked that is car related?
A: “How many owners and if there have been any (/many) accidents.”

Q: What is one thing that most people don’t know that you think they should?
A: “TRADE IN EVALUATIONS! If it’s too good to be true, it often is.”

Q: Do you have a daily (or morning) routine? What is it?/How does it help you?
A: “As an early bird, I’m usually in about an hour before open and get going by setting the day’s goals, reviewing long term goals, and then setting the day’s schedule. Positive momentum is huge.”

Q: What vehicle do you sell the most of? How do you feel about that vehicle?
A: “The Ford Edge—they’re absolutely great, and one of my favorite vehicles to sell. There aren’t often issues and it’s a vehicle I trust.”

Q:  In your opinion, what's the best time of year to buy a vehicle and why?
A: “Whenever feels right. Don’t over think the timing. Do the proper research and find the right dealership and vehicle that works best for you.” 

Q: Are there any “secret” tricks, tips, or extra incentives in the car buying process that most people don’t realize or take advantage of? 
A: “The secret is that there isn’t a secret. People over think the process and believe there’s a secret sauce. Ignore the old school ways and fancy word tracks. Be yourself and assist the customer along the process. Be a sales professional. That’s the secret.”

Phoenix’s goal for this year is to lead in sales again, and to lead every month as well. He also plans on working with social media more. Congratulations to Ron and Phoenix for being named the O’Daniel Ford 2018 Salesmen of the Year!

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