2017 Ford Escape: Built Tough with Safety in Mind

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By James Ehle

In today’s “go get ‘em” world, 4-wheel drive has become a desired quality in many consumer vehicles, especially for those looking for the best in safety. The 2017 Ford Escape features the revolutionary Intelligent 4 Wheel Drive System, which continuously monitors traction on the road and driving conditions every 16 milliseconds, ensuring top performance, and safety. The Intelligent driving feature is able to shift torque from front to rear wheels as required for the exact best handling and traction for every stretch of your drive.

1280 × 854

They don’t say "built Ford tough" for no reason, and the 2017 Ford Escape is a shining example of the power behind the vehicle. Able to tow up to 3,500 pounds, while also incorporating Trailer sway control technology that adjusts automatically by applying precise braking or reducing engine torque, the Escape and trailer will be safer than ever.

1280 × 854

All-new in the 2017 Ford Escape model, electric parking brakes are convenient, able to be activated with a touch, and allows for more storage space without having to worry about a large lever to initiate as is common in most cars. Speaking of more storage space, the cargo capacity in the Escape is expansive. The seats are easily converted in the rear to create more space for cargo loads. 

The Escape models with 17-inch wheels also have adjustable high position for easier loading with folded seats or a low position for additional cargo room. Looking up on top, the roof rack side rails are included in the SE Technology and SE Sport Appearance Packages, to carry things you may not be able to fit in the cargo area.

Of course with the toughness also follows the safety, and the 2017 Escape is safer than ever with a 5-Star Crash Safety Rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Features like Standard AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control, Tire Pressure Monitoring, and the Personal Safety System will insure all aboard are protected.

Come out to O’Daniel Ford, and drive one today!



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